Bryce Simpson Music

Caribbean Christmas Mix


Well known throughout Belize, their mission is to bring positive music to the international community. They are Horace Bryce and Kendoyll (Kenny) Simpson young and talented musicians.

Horace is a vocalist in every right, performing since the tender age of four at church concerts and school productions, while Kenny’s exposure to music came at an earlier age. He was born into a family of musicians and was heavily influenced while traveling with his Father’s band. Kenny, an instrumentalist has mastered the art of playing several musical instruments the drums, guitar and piano are just to name a few.

Currently, they perform in their home country of Belize. They possess a passion for music and they hardly ever miss a note or a beat and they are grateful for the opportunity to share their first love, music, with an international audience.


The music of the Caribbean consists of so many delightful rhythms: reggae, dancehall, calypso, soca and reggaeton, just to name  a few. This album features the rhythms of the Caribbean, one of the unique spots of the world where many cultures come together.



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