Official Rules

Official Rules: Reggae Song Contest of The Americas


1. Eligibility

The Reggae Song Contest of the Americas (Reggae Song Contest) is open only to residents of the The United States of America (USA) and Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America..

All entrants must be living in the continental USA or Canada or one of the countries of the Caribbean, Central or South America at the time of entry submission. Proof of residency will be required if submission is selected. All submissions must be in English.

All song entries must be submitted as a video to the contest website at before the contest deadline. Prior to being showcased on the contest website, all entries must be approved by, in their sole and unfettered discretion. By submitting an entry, all entrants warrant and represent that they have full right and title to the entries so submitted and that such entries do not violate any prior copyright interests of any person whatsoever, and further, each entrant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from any claim or action arising out of any breach of copyright caused by such entry. All entries will be reviewed by to ensure that the content of the entry is appropriate in nature and promotes a positive representation of, and to ensure that all entries abide by the content restrictions contained in these official contest rules. may, in their sole discretion, refuse any entry at any time. No entries will be returned to the entrant and are under no obligation to communicate acceptance or rejection of any entry once received. The decisions of in relation to this contest will be final and binding on all entrants.

This contest is based in Ontario, Canada, and is subject to all Federal, Provincial and local laws, as well as the rules adopted in view of said laws. All personal information provided by an entrant will be used only to administer the Reggae Song Contest and for no other reason.

2. Contest Timeline

Contest opens for entries: Nov. 24, 2014 at 12:01am

Deadline for entries: Jan. 26, 2015 at 4:30pm

Judging begins: Jan.27, 2015 at 4:30pm

The contest winner will be announced by on March 27, 2015.

3. Entry Requirements

(a) Submission

During the Reggae Song Contest period, there is one way to enter: compose a new and original song, then create and submit a video featuring that song and upload it to the Reggae Song Contest website ( The video itself must be no longer than three minutes. Each entrant is encouraged (but not required) to provide some comment in their video, before their song begins, (i.e. briefly describe why you wrote your song and why and what it’s about). This commentary segment must not exceed 30 seconds in length. Only the composer of the song is eligible to submit a video for entry in the Reggae Song Contest. Submissions will be judged both on the quality of the songs and the performance thereof as presented in the submitted video.

(b) Subject Matter

The song performed on the video entry must be a new and original composition. The performer or performers featured on the video need not be the composer, but only the composer may submit a video. The composer must be identified in the video and the composer’s name must appear on the website along with the video submission. A video entry should be creative, interesting, meaningful and/or fun.

(c) Format

All videos should be encoded in MP4 format to ensure the widest possible compatibility with different Web browsers and operating systems and must:

(i) not exceed 3 minutes in total length;

(ii) comply with all content restrictions contained in these Official Rules

(d) Entry Limit

A person may only enter one video during the contest timeline. Where a person has entered more than one video, will review only the entrant’s first submission, and all other video entries submitted by that person will be rejected.

(e) Entry Process & Display

For further instructions regarding the entry process, visit and follow the links. Entrants must read the online entry form and release of liability agreement at the time they submit their video entry. All approved entries will be posted on the contest website.

(f) Waivers

Where applicable, entrants must obtain approval from all individuals and/or organizations featured in their video entry and each entrant must complete the online entry form and applicable permission(s). Entrants must only contribute new music for which they are the composer. All music must be credited by completing the online entry form and applicable music permission(s).

Entrants warrant and represent to that each and every person or entity appearing in a submitted video has expressly permitted to such inclusion.

(g) Content Restrictions

Submitted videos must not contain:

(i) nudity, profanity, or vulgar behaviour;

(ii) graphic violence, or any inappropriate materials, as determined by, in their sole discretion. If you are uncertain about any aspect of this matter, please request clarification by email to

(iii) dangerous stunts;

(iv) real weapons of any kind, including, but not limited to, guns and knives;

(v) drug use;

(vi) material that is hateful, tortious, or slanderous;

(vii) material that promotes prejudice, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination or exploitation based on race, sex, religion, disability, age or any other basis protected by federal, state/provincial or local law;

(viii) material that is illegal or in violation of the laws or regulations in the state/province where the entry is created; and

(ix) material that is likely, in light of prevailing community standards, to cause offence to any person, or to injure the name, reputation or standing of any person in any way, directly or indirectly.

4. Performance Requirements

(a) Mandatory Requirements

The winner of the Reggae Song Contest must meet the following mandatory requirements:

  • The winner must perform the winning song for the Reggae Song Contest Award Event online.
  • The winner must be 16 years of age or older at the time of submitting the entry.
  • The winner must be prepared to participate in other occasional promotional performances leading up to the Reggae Song Contest Award Event.
  • The winner must not wear branded clothing while performing at the Reggae Song Contest Award Event, except brands of official contest sponsors.


(b) Exclusion & Disqualification

Entries that do not comply with these Official Rules may be refused by in their sole discretion. Entries should be positive and reflect positively on Any entries that are deemed to be inappropriate or obscene, or that otherwise do not comply with the content restrictions listed in section 3(g) of these rules, as determined by in their sole discretion, may be rejected.

Furthermore, and without limiting the foregoing, reserve the right in their sole discretion to reject entries that contain materials that are copyrighted, trademarked, protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third party proprietary rights unless the entrant is the owner of such rights.

5. Property of the Entries

Upon submission, all video entries become the exclusive property of, and may be used in any and all future promotional and/or educational contexts as deemed appropriate by shall have the unrestricted right to use, edit, publish, broadcast, or stream in any or all of the video entries, as well as the name, picture, statements, biographical information and likeness of any and all participants without further approval or compensation. By entering the Reggae Song Contest, each entrant unconditionally assigns and absolutely transfers to in perpetuity any and all rights, titles and interests in each video entry including, without limitation, all copyrights and the exclusive right publicly to use, duplicate and exhibit, and to authorize others to use, duplicate and exhibit, its video entry. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is understood that the entrant will retain all title to and copyright in the composition itself in accordance with copyright laws and that only the rights to the submitted video performance of the copyright work are assigned hereby to

6. Cancellation, Modification or Suspension of Contest

If, for any reason, are unable to continue the Reggae Song Contest as planned, including due to causes that consider may affect the administration, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this contest, reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend the contest. In the event of such cancellation, modification or suspension, may select the winners for the contest in any manner that they deem fair and appropriate in their sole discretion.

7. Voting Entitlement

After the submission deadline, the entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges. All entries will be judged for style, composition, artistic merit, and/or uniqueness and will subsequently be voted on by members/users/visitors of decisions regarding any and all aspects of the contest are final.

8. Acknowledgement, Warrant & Indemnity

By entering the Reggae Song Contest, entrants are hereby deemed to:

(a) acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their own entries and the consequences of publishing them to the contest entry website,

(b) warrant that their entries are their own original work and do not infringe any other person’s rights, and

(c) indemnify, defend and hold harmless and each of their owners, directors, officers, elected officials, employees, sponsors, prize suppliers and agents for all liability resulting from or related to any claims, actions, damages, losses or costs arising by reason of this contest and their participation therein including, without limitation:

(i) infringement of intellectual property rights;

(ii) public dissemination of the entries, through any use of the entries by; and

(iii) invasion of privacy, libel or slander related to the entries.

9. Contest Prize

The contest prizes include, but are not limited to, a professional online sound mixing and mastering at one of North America’s top recording studios, and production and digital distribution through 20 leading online outlets.

Contest prizes must be accepted as offered and no substitutions are allowed. Contest prizes consist only of those items specifically listed as part of the prize–any feature, cost or expense not specifically listed as part of the prize is the sole responsibility of the winner. In the event that the recipient of the prize withdraws from the Reggae Song Contest, may award the prize to the next selected entrant. There is a limit of one studio recording prize.

The prize shall be accepted by the winning entrant at his or her own risk, and the entrant will be required to sign a Declaration and Release of Liability, releasing the from any liability, losses, damages, claims and/or expenses which may be suffered in connection with the contest prize.

10. Use of the Videos

All videos submitted for the purposes of this contest may be used for promotional, educational and/or informational materials produced by on websites, interactive DVDs, television and radio. reserve the right not to use any videos submitted in the contest. also reserve the right to edit submitted videos for any purpose deemed necessary by Participants declare their understanding of these rights when they enter the contest.

11. Disclaimer and Release

and are not responsible nor liable for any lost, late, incomplete, invalid, corrupted, incorrectly addressed entries or any damage or loss arising from, or connected with the contest. assume no responsibility for electronic hardware, software malfunctions or technical failures of any kind, or the incorrect or inaccurate capture of any entry or other information, whether caused by participants, or by any equipment associated with or utilized in the contest. By participating in this contest, each participant hereby agrees to release and discharge and each of their owners, directors, officers, elected officials, employees, sponsors, prize suppliers and their agents from all actions, claims and demands whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of their participation in this contest.

12. Disputes

Entrants agree that any and all disputes and causes of action arising out of or connected with this contest or any prize awarded shall be resolved under the laws of Ontario, without respect to any conflict of law issues, and participants agree that such shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action. This contest shall in all respects be construed and enforced in accordance only with the laws of Ontario and all participants hereby irrevocably consent to and submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario.

13. Questions

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs form on website or send an email to

November 24, 2014

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