Reggae Song Contest

So you’ve been writing songs and wanted to be a reggae singer. This is your chance to put your best foot forward and see what the world thinks about your work. The Reggae Song Contest is an on-line event to expose talent, entertain viewers, build support for the genre of reggae and hopefully kick start some careers that will continue the tradition of the big names of “the big music from the little island” as Third World so succinctly states it in their song, Reggae Ambassador.

But is not time to talk but to act so jump right over to the rules that in a nutshell are that you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • a resident of the USA or Canada or other Pan American state or territory
  • the author and owner of the copyright of the song
  • NOT signed to any major record label
  • able to record and submit it as a video to this site as an MP4 file. The file may be produced from a slide presentation and converted to video format.

The song can be of any subject matter but must not contain profanity, glorify violence or advocate hatred and discrimination.

You can only enter one song.

You must register on this site before accessing the entry form. This is a step to avoid spam submissions.

The full Official Rules, which you must agree to when submitting your entry, are available at this link or from the navigation menu below the Reggae Song Contest main heading.

Judges will select the best songs based on a set of criteria and then members of the Hot Steppers community will vote for the winner. Only members can vote!